LNL Cookies and Tracking Policy

LNL Cookies and Tracking Policy

This Cookies and Tracking Policy (hereinafter, “Cookies Policy”) applies to all activities of Laurel Navigation (Mauritius) Ltd. (hereinafter called “LNL” or “We”) with respect to the cookies that LNL collects and stores in the course of its business activities, including through the LNL websites (“Websites”) and other interfaces with data subjects that it operates.

LNL is committed to ensuring that your personal data and data privacy are protected in accordance with the best practices available, as well as according to LNL’s relevant legal obligations. This Policy explains your rights regarding the cookies LNL collects, processes and uses, including via the Websites, Personal Area, and Apps, as well as LNL’s use of safeguards to protect these rights. The Policy also applies to LNL’s use of cookies and tracking on the relevant website and application interfaces, as specified in this Cookies and Tracking Policy.
We may revise this Policy from time to time, and such changes shall come into effect from the moment LNL notifies you of such changes and/or updates, either by email, on the Websites or in some other reasonable manner.
Important note: You may indicate your consent to this Cookies Policy by clicking “I agree” on the button that appears at the bottom of the Policy. [Consent tab at the end of the Policy]
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